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    Our Miami, Florida business attorneys are premier trial lawyers that will fight to get your business dispute resolved.

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Miami Business Lawyer

Miami Business Lawyer– Every business needs a business attorney. Our team of legal professionals will help you  write contracts, review contracts, negotiate a deal or even start your own company.  Our team of business law lawyers can help you across a wide range of business & corporate law services.

Whether the client is a Fortune 500 company or Fortune 5 Million, we are committed to providing a comfortable experience in all aspects of our billing arrangements.

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Disputes, Lawsuits & Litigation

Our Miami, Florida business attorneys are premiere trial lawyers that will fight to get your business dispute resolved.  We handle a wide variety of lawsuits including breach of contract, collections, franchise disputes, partnership dissolution, fraud, corporate and LLC disputes, civil rights, employment and more.

At Cueto Law Group, we believe that every client deserves the option of making flexible and affordable billing arrangements while offering complete transparency to the billing process. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Top 1% of All Florida Lawyers

The firm’s managing partner, Santiago A. Cueto is a Board Certified international law expert–an honor bestowed by the Florida Supreme Court on less than .001% of Florida’s 90,0000 lawyers (only 53 out of 90,000 lawyers share this honor).

From our headquarters in Miami, Florida we engage with our network of business attorneys around the world. This allows us to represent our clients successfully in the global marketplace.

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Florida business attorneys that will fight to get your dispute resolved.
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Our Practice Areas

Corporate Business Law Attorney - Home

Corporate & Business Law Attorney

Miami Business law attorney and founding partner of Cueto Law Group, P.L., Santiago A. Cueto, combines decades of legal experience to serve the needs of the firm’s domestic and international clientele. Our goal is to help your business grow.
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Business Litigation - Home

Business Litigation

Business litigation requires an aggressive law firm with experience, skill and the perseverance to see a case through trial. It’s 2019 and we understand that business competition is tougher than ever. We will fight to the end.
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Corporate Business Law Attorney - Home


As one of Miami’s leading business law firms, our team at the Cueto Law Group represents clients in a broad range of industries, from consumer products, health care, life sciences, media and entertainment, technology and telecommunications to aviation, energy, financial services, restaurants, and retail.
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Corporate Law - Home

Corporate Law

We are first and foremost a business law firm that has built a reputation as one of Miami’s leading law firms. We regularly advise and assist our clients in executing their business, strategic, financing and transactional goals, whether in Florida, the Southeast or elsewhere in or outside the United States.
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Civil Rights - Home

Civil Rights

Our founding fathers envisioned a country where everyone has a “civil right” to be treated equally. Civil rights are the rights of personal liberty and freedom guaranteed to every American citizen. Unfortunately, despite this guarantee, discrimination of all types still exists today.

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Employment - Home


The employment attorneys at Cueto Law Group go above and beyond their role as labor lawyers. We help clients through the complex maze of labor and employment rules and regulations that govern today’s workplace.
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International Litigation Arbitration - Home

International Litigation & Arbitration

Today’s global economy presents many obstacles to international businesspersons and multinational companies. That’s why the Cueto Law Group has become the premier law firm in international business matters.
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Immigration Attorney - Home

Immigration Attorney

As an experienced immigration attorney, Santiago A. Cueto combines extensive legal knowledge of immigration law with the ability to move quickly in a time of ever-changing U.S. immigration law reforms and regulations.
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Employment - Home

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property often begins as a thought, a concept or an idea in someone’s mind. As the idea becomes more concrete, it grows; products are developed, business plans take off and commerce expands.
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The Firm

Based in Miami, Florida, the Cueto Law Group is an international business law firm providing a full range of  business law solutions to a diversified customer base worldwide, including corporations, entrepreneurs and individuals.

By combining sophisticated legal representation with the efficiencies and commitment to excellent client service of a boutique firm, the Cueto Law Group has become a top Miami law firm for Business law, Business litigation, International Business lawsuits and complex business transactions.

The firm’s founding partner is a premier business law and trial attorney who has represented regional, national and international clients, foreign governments and Fortune 100 companies.

Our Miami business attorneys are here to help–call us for any questions you may have.

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